Site Selection

Additional Information

PairPoint Group has developed a process driven approach to site selection that encompasses all aspects of the selection process to meet your expectations and project goals. The manufacturing site selection process can be completed in as few as 3-4 months. However, added time may be desired in more complex scenarios where multiple rounds of due diligence site visits are required before ultimately making a location decision.


· Define project parameters as they relate to lot size, building size, budget and expansion potential 

· Narrow potential locations to a shortlist that optimizes project objectives.

· Validate of the shortlisted locations ensures project compatibility and facilitates further real estate exploration and incentives negotiations.

· Screening factors include population and labor force trends, talent pool depth, labor costs, market proximity, air/highway/rail access, natural disaster potential, cost-of-living, and quality-of-life. Examines the roster of existing and new employers, labor competition, wage survey data, unionization trends, infrastructure developments, taxation, and potential incentives, among other key topics.

· Agreement on the recommended locations triggers final real estate and incentives negotiations, preferably in multiple locations to ensure most competitive negotiating positions. 

· Lead-up to final commitment and implementation typically requires expansion of the Project Team to involve other participants (internal/external) such as finance, HR, legal, operations, corporate affairs, and real estate.